Month: October 2021

fashion industry in today and future

Past, present and future prospects – Jute fashion industry

Within days, several steps were taken to give the fashion world a much greener look. These steps have revolutionized the greater use of natural fibers such as jute. Also known as gold fiber, jute is the latest buzzword. According to the UN General Assembly, 2009 will be considered the International Year of Natural Fibers. Some

glass for women fashionable

Fashionable glasses for women

Many different women can look for new glasses. Some women may need new sunglasses while others are looking for beautiful sunglasses. When looking for trendy sunglasses for women, there are many different options. The first thing that women should pay attention to is what glasses she needs. Once she makes a decision, she will want

chinese fashion industry

Review of the Chinese fashion industry

Review The Chinese economy continues to perform dynamically, averaging about 10% over the past 5 years. As barriers to entry are lowered, more and more businesses are considering their entry into China. This is an attempt to capture some percentage of the revenue generated by China’s 1.3 billion consumers. This series of reports aims to

fashion trends

The importance of following fashion trends

If you are fond of fashion, you will understand why the world celebrates Fashion Week as if Christmas. You’ll understand why they stumble with their feet trying to get a spot in the front row, and look at the super-models walking the runway in the collections of recent seasons from several world-renowned fashion designers. Fashion


Larger swimwear design in the modern fashion industry

Long ago, women of large sizes had to accept their limitations in fashion and their dependence on any clothing they could find, or forced to produce their own clothing, such as large swimsuits. Nowadays big women want to look good and feel good in ready-made clothes; as part of the fashion industry, larger clothing is

fashion brand relationship

Exceptional private label solutions for exceptional relationships

The private label brand is defined by excellent connections in the beauty and fashion industry. However, apart from guaranteed connections, relationships should be built. For a brand to be successful, there must be successful relationships with buyers, distributors, private label manufacturers and designers. With the right provider of exceptional solutions for private labels you will

india fashion show

Runway Report 2 – Indian Fashion Week in Delhi

Wills India Fashion Week has seen how a mix of famous and upcoming designers presents a truly unique combination of palette, style and silhouette. Starting with the classic expressions and solid draperies of Wendell Rodrix and moving on to Anamika Khanna, who knows exactly how to make a colorless palette extremely attractive. e. Mostly black

gothic clothis

The history of fashion for gothic clothing

The fashion for gothic clothing is mostly based on dark shades. In the Gothic clothing era of the Middle Ages, people such as sailors or people associated with churches and cathedrals wore this type of clothing. Gothic dress complete with a big hat and a long coat, knee-length breeches, shoes with a clasp on the

fashion industry modeling

Modeling agencies are important in the fashion industry

If you are into fashion and know a little about how the fashion industry normally works, then you would know about the importance of modeling agencies and about how important they are for the proper functioning of the whole industry. Modeling agencies are agencies that recruit, manage and care for models and give them the

fashion accessories

Fashion accessories depending on the occasion

Nowadays, people of all ages are very attentive to their appearance! It takes an hour to be presentable and modern. To look cool and glamorous, wearing fashionable clothes and cosmetics is simply not enough until they compliment the right accessories. Simple pieces of jewelry, smart bags, cool highlights, trendy belts, scarves, smart tattoos for women

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