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The story of Colin's jeans brand

The story of Colin’s jeans brand

The history of jeans made by Colin’s standards began in 1983, when Turkish businessman Nurettin Eroglu and his four brothers founded a small garment factory called Eroglu Holding. Initially, the factory produced coats and down jackets, but in 1986 the first jeans were made here. This year the Kulis trademark was introduced. Production grew, and

Adidas Ethos: sports and fashion

Adidas Ethos: sports and fashion

Adidas is one of the most famous brands in the world. Indeed, they enjoy a global reputation, with outlets in all corners of the globe. Their popularity as a brand is not surprising, they have a unique ability to create comfortable sportswear, increase performance, protect athletes from overexertion, but with the added bonus that their

Celebrity branding - using the popularity of the star

Celebrity branding – using the popularity of the star

One of the most frequently viewed advertisements today is called celebrity advertising. We see popular and talented artists supporting a variety of products in TV shows, programs, special events and commercials. Branded clothing, perfume, makeup, sports equipment and the like are well enjoyed in the market. All of these items bear the brand names of