This suggests that in the fashion world they look at short women, that they choose a label for us as “small” rather than just short. It’s not a derogatory term, but perhaps the fashion world sees us as such. We are a minority, we do not fit their ideal. So they don’t serve us properly. Most brands don’t make small sizes at all, and many brands claim that, but they misunderstand this.

It’s not just short sleeves and hems, there are five vertical measures on miniature dresses that need to be adjusted. And don’t forget that other features also need to be reduced proportionally. The ruffles should be smaller and smaller, the cuffs should be shorter, the patterns smaller.

I spoke to several brand designers, asking if they would create a miniature range. They weren’t interested because it meant redesigning the design for the minority market. This is when fashion itself suffers. When it comes to giving great fashion to women who want it, it’s about making as much money as possible.

Of course, creating a full range of miniature clothing increases stocks in stores / warehouses, and since it all depends on profits, right down to the use of cheap buttons and zippers, businesses don’t want to have these extra costs and financial costs.

I spent many years looking for miniature items in fashion stores, they were always behind, a tiny section or a single rail. This suggests that “we have small things, so we can say that we cover all dimensions, but we don’t attach any real importance to it”. And why are miniature designs different? Why create another range that better suits much older women rather than short heeled shorts. Well thank you! And that’s how we little ones feel, it’s in the words of the fashion industry, nothing more.

Truth be told, recently in some areas things have improved, and in others, of course, it has gotten worse. We saw a favorite miniature brand up close, just to buy it and completely change it in the chain stores. They raised our hopes only to shatter them! More and more brands are creating limited ranges of miniature products, but other brands are abandoning their small ranges. Win part, lose part.

Probably the fashion industry isn’t so concerned because people can wear too much clothing. I know – because I’ve done it all my life and hated it! But it’s not good enough. We don’t want to look like a bag of meal and don’t want everything changed. Don’t forget that not all items of clothing can be changed.

The fact that there are dozens of little bloggers who dedicate time searching for miniature clothes to help us find them tells me that there is still a real problem.

Where we see that some major brands create a small range, it is usually quite limited, and there are usually brands that target young customers and the regular market. So what should we wear to work? I wish I had a pound for everyone who said I could buy baby clothes. Ah, how we laugh at that!

We all so desperately want decent miniature designs that the problem is solved mostly by small startups online. Little women are starting their own lines of miniature clothes. It’s crazy that we have to do this. Thank heavens for the Internet, it has allowed women who have no experience in fashion to delve into fashion, and then their tiny businesses can send miniature items around the world. Watch out for the big brands! Little girls do it for themselves.

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